2016 Summer Institute for Disaster and Risk Research successfully held in Beijing Normal University

The 2016 Summer Institute for Disaster and Risk Research was successfully held in Beijing Normal University from July 25th to August 6th 2016. Prof. Ortwin Renn (Professor of Stuttgart University, scientific director of Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany), Prof. Carlo Jaeger (Co-chair of IRG Project, Chair of Global Climate Forum, thousand-talent program foreign professor of Beijing Normal University), Dr. HAN Guoyi (Research Scientist at Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden) and Prof. SHI Peijun (Co-chair of IRG Project) attended the opening ceremony of the Summer Institute at the morning of July 25th, in Room 102 of No. 9 Teaching Building of Beijing Normal University. The Summer Institute lasted for two weeks, its activities including keynote lectures by professors, presentations of participants’ own research, individual mentoring, and self-organized group work.

This Summer Institute is co-financed by Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Affairs, P. R. China. It is joint initiated by the experts from “Expertise-Introduction Project for Disciplinary Innovation of Universities” – Hazard and Risk Science Base, and IRG Project. This 2016 Summer Institute is the 6th summer institute of Disaster and Risk Research. It is organized by the State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology and Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management. This year’s theme is Disaster and Risk in a Changing World.

Together we got 42 participants from 14 countries. Our keynote lectures covered: theories and progress in disaster risk science, uncertainties in disaster risk, methodology for disaster risk assessment, risks under climate change, green growth and sustainable development, et al. We recruited 7 leading experts in the fields of disaster risk science, they are Prof. Ortwin Renn, Prof. Carlo Jaeger, Prof. Norio Okada (Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan), Prof. Thomas Glade (University of Vienna, Austria), Prof. Rajib Shaw (IRDR), Dr. HAN Guoyi and Prof. SHI Peijun. Dr. HAN Guoyi chaired the whole summer institute.

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After two-week studies, discussion and learning, participants successfully completed their course and other tasks. At the end of the Summer Institute, we hold a brief graduation ceremony. Prof. Carlo Jaeger and Prof. SHI Peijun issued certificated to our participants, and encouraged them to continue their friendship, and improve the academic skills to become future pioneers in the fields of disaster and risk sciences.