Atlas of Natural Disaster Risk of China

Destruction of a severe earthquake disaster risk of natural disasters in China by the casualties, property damage and resources and the environment, typhoon disasters, floods, droughts, landslides and debris flows, dust storms and disasters, storm surge disasters, hail (including hail), snow, frostdisasters, forest fires, prairie fires and other natural disasters are triggered. The risks posed by these natural disasters, not only the frequency and intensity of the hazard and disaster fortification levels across the country, regional economic and social development level.

Consider the overall impact of global climate change, ecosystem security status quo, under the combined effect of natural factors and human factors, the security risks of the ecosystem and global climate change risks has become important factors of national regional sustainable development.

This figure group for the status quo of China’s economic and social development, considering the past 20 years, a gradual increase in the maximum security level of natural disasters, ecosystem protection and construction, and adaptation to climate change and the improvement of defense capabilities listed above 14 the major hazard may be caused by the disaster risk spatial pattern to give the system display, and lay the foundation for a better understanding of the spatial pattern of the integrated natural disaster risk.