IRG Project, Future Earth core project, officially launched in Paris

The “Our Common Future against the Background of Climate Change” International Science Conference took place in Paris, France, from July 7th to July 10th, 2015. The international “Future Earth” organization was one of the organizers. During the meeting, The Integrated Risk Governance Project (IRG Project), a “Future Earth” core project backed up by BNU, was launched.

More than 40 people attended the launch meeting, including Prof. Xuemei BAI, Committee Member of the International “Future Earth” Science Committee, Rebecca Oliver, Deputy Director of the Secretariat in Sweden, Prof. Ortwin Renn, Chairman of the International Scientific Committee of the Risk Prevention Council, Prof. CHEN Deliang, a researcher for the Chinese Committee of “Future Earth,” Resarcher LV Yonglong, Prof. SHI Peijun, Prof. Carlo Jaeger, Prof. YE Qian, and other committee members and guests.

The launch meeting was hosted by Prof. YE Qian. Prof. Ortwin Renn, on behalf of the International Risk Prevention Council, gave a speech. Prof. Carlo Jaeger made a keynote address on new global risks. Prof. SHI Peijun, Chairman of the joint project, summarized a number of international advanced research achievements in the fields of multi-hazard, cascading effects of large-scale disaster chains, risk governance in green economy, multi-hazard risk assessment model, regionalization and consiliense paradigm for climate change risk adaptation, World Atlas of Natural Disaster Risks. He also introduced comprehensively the IRG‘s working plan within the framework of “Future Earth” for the next decade, namely focusing on disaster risk of natural ecological environment under climate change, world financial system risks, technical and engineering risks of global and regional infrastructures; providing scientific and technical supporting for governments, enterprises, and other stakeholders, for improving capacity building of risk governance, allevation of disaster loses, establishment of mechanisms for disaster risk transfer and share, based on profound understanding of disaster risk of social-ecological systems.

During the meeting, Prof. Paul Shrivastava exchanged ideas on the work plans of the IRG Project for the next two years with Prof. SHI Peijun, Prof. Carlo Jaeger and Prof. YE Qian. He spoke highly of the proposal for organizing a 2016 International “Future Earth” Core Project Cooperation Conference and expected for further communication during his visit to China this year.

As a core project of “Future Earth”, the official launch of the IRG Project marks a solid first step in global disaster risk research in service of the UNISDR Sendai Declaration and is a realization of an effort toward reaching the UN target for sustainable development dominated by Chinese scientists.