Prof. Carlo JAEGER

Carlo C. Jaeger is an economist working on global systems, in particular on the role of financial markets in addressing – or exacerbating – the problem of climate change. He is co-founder and chairman of the Global Climate Forum, Professor at Potsdam University, Germany and the Beijing Normal University (BNU), China, where he has been appointed as an outstanding foreign expert to the Chinese government. Jaeger’s current research is focused on problems of global coordination, especially in view of sustainable development.

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Prof. SHI Peijun

Professor Shi Peijun is executive vice-president of Beijing Normal University. He is a member of the Expert Committee under the National Disaster Reduction Committee, housed in Ministry of Civil Affairs of China and also a member of OECD’s High Level Advisory Board on Financial Management of Large‐Scale Catastrophes.
His research focuses on natural disaster theories and risk management.

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