Prof. SHI Peijun chaired UNISDR 3rd Asia Science Technology Academia Advisory Group (ASTAAG) meeting

UNISDR 3rd Asia Science Technology Academia Advisory Group (ASTAAG) meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 23 May 2016. Prof. SHI Peijun, co-chair of IRG Project, was the chair of this meeting. Prof. YE Qian, executive director of IRG Project gave a speech on future cooperation between IRG Project and ASTAAG on the meeting.

ASTAAG is a senior advisory group of UNISRD Regional Office for Asia-Pacific. It was established in Beijing in 2015. The members of ASTAAG comes from India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan, Iran, et al., scholars on the research fields of climate change, public health, social management, risk governance. Prof. SHI Peijun and Prof. Rajib Shaw co-chaired ASTAAG.

On this meeting, the participants summarized the major progress Asia-Pacific countries made in the areas of disaster prevention and mitigation in the past year, and evaluated the national reports submitted by some of the countries. Besides, they also agreed to participate in the coming 1st Asian Science and Technology Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction, and to set up secretariat of ASTAAG in the Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management of Beijing Normal University.