Prof. SHI Peijun and Prof. YE Qian invited to speak on Symposium on Disaster Risk Governance in PolyU

October 14th, 2016, invited by Hong Kong Polytechinic University (PolyU), Prof. SHI Peijun and Prof. YE Qian attended their “Symposium on Disaster Risk Governance: Live to Tell the Good Practices and Challenges” and gave keynote speech on the Symposium. Dr. CHEN Jing, Executive Director Assistant of IRG Project, also joined this Symposium.
On this Symposium, Prof. SHI Peijun gave a speech on “Strategy of Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction in China”, which reviewed the major works and strategies of integrared disaster reducation in China in the past 25 years. Prof. YE Qian introduced in detail about key achievements of IRG Project and its implementation plan for the next five years. Speakers on this Symposium also included Prof. TSUI Ming-sum and Dr. Timothy SIM from PolyU, Prof. Gretchen Kalonji from Sichuan University, Prof. TAN Yih Chi from National Taiwan University, Mr. Edwin LAI from Hong Kong Oberservation, Dr. Ilan Kelman from University College London, Mr. Surya Narayan Shrestha from Nepal’s National Society for Earthquake Technology, Prof. Michael Glantz from University of Colorado.
During this meeting, speakers and participants exchanged and discussed their research and experiences in pratice in the field of governance of disaster risk from national, regional, urban and community levels. Participants of this meeting also included representative from Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Red Cross, Chinese University of Hong Kong and other institutions.