Reviewed Papers

Title Author Year
Projecting Future Local Precipitation and Its Extremes for Sweden Deliang CHEN, Christine ACHBERGER, OU Tinghai, Ulrika Postgård, Alexander WALTHER, LIAO Yaoming 2015
Sea-level rise scenarios and coastal risk management Jochen HINKEL, Carlo JAEGER, Robert J. NICHOLLS, Jason LOWE, Ortwin RENN, SHI Peijun 2015
Agricultural Risk Modeling Challenges in China: Probabilistic Modeling of Rice Losses in Hunan Province Pane STOJANOVSKI, DONG Weimin, WANG Ming, YE Tao 2015
Farmers’ crop insurance perception and participation decisions: empirical evidence from Hunan, China YE Tao, LIU Yangbin, WANG Jiwei, WANG Ming, SHI Peijun 2015
Factors Affecting Farmers’ Crop Insurance Participation in China WANG Ming, YE Tao, SHI Peijun 2015
Society: realizing China’s urban dream Xuemei BAI, SHI Peijun, LIU Yansui 2014
Assessment of CMIP5 climate models and projected temperature changes over Northern Eurasia MIAO Chiyuan, DUAN Qingyun, SUN Qiaohong, HUANG Y., KONG D., YANG T. 2014
The Estimation of Regional Crop Yield Using Ensemble-Based Four-Dimensional Variational Data Assimilation JIANG Zhiwei, CHEN Zhongxin, CHEN Jin, REN Jianqiang, LI Zongnan, SUN Liang 2014
Hydrogen underground storage in Romania, potential directions of development, stakeholders and general aspects Ioan IORDACHE, Dorin SCHITEA, Adrian V. GHEORGHE, Mihaela IORDACHE 2014
Quantifying spatial-temporal change in land-cover and carbon storage among exurban residential parcels HUANG Qingxu, Derek T. ROBINSON, Dawn C. PARKER 2014
Interannual linkage between Arctic/North Atlantic Oscillation and tropical Indian Ocean precipitation during boreal winter GONG Daoyi, GAO Yongqi, GUO Dong 2014
Environmental and economic consequences of the overexploitation of natural capital and ecosystem services in Xilinguole League, China DONG Xiaobin, B. H. YU, M. T. BROWN, Zhang Y S, KANG Muyi, JIN Y., ZHANG X. S., S. ULGIATI 2014
Disaggregation of remotely sensed land surface temperature: a generalized paradigm CHEN Yunhao, ZHAN Wenfeng, QUAN Jinling 2014
Multi-temporal trajectory of the urban heat island centroid in Beijing, China based on a Gaussian volume model QUAN Jinling, CHEN Yunhao, ZHAN Wenfeng, Wang Jinfei, James VOOGT, WANG Mengjie 2014
Wind energy facility siting: learning from experience and guides for moving forward Seth P. TULER, Bonnie J. RAM, Roger E. KASPERSON 2014
Sampling biases in datasets of historical mean air temperature over land WANG Kaicun 2014
The false promises of coal exploitation: how mining affects herdsmen well-being in the grassland ecosystems of Inner Mongolia DAI G. S., S. ULGIATI, Zhang Y S, B. H. YU, KANG Muyi, JIN Y., DONG Xiaobin, ZHANG X. S. 2014
Local spatial and temporal factors influencing population and societal vulnerability to natural disasters ZHOU Yang, LI Ning, WU Wenxiang, WU Jidong, SHI Peijun 2014
Distinct quasi-biweekly features of the subtropical East Asian monsoon during early and late summers YANG Jing, BAO Qing, WANG Bin, GONG Daoyi, HE Haozhe, GAO Miaoni 2014
Global warming over 1960–2009 did increase heat stress and reducecold stress in the major rice-planting areas across China ZHANG Zhao, WANG Pin, CHEN Yi, SONG Xiao, WEI Xing, SHI Peijun 2014