Reviewed Papers

Title Author Year
Global comparison of light use efficiency models for simulating terrestrial vegetation gross primary production based on the LaThuile database YUAN Wenping, CAI Wenwen, XIA Jiangzhou, CHEN Jiquan, LIU Shuguang, DONG Wenjie, Lutz MERBOLD, Beverly LAW, Altaf ARAINH, Jason BERINGERI, Christian BERNHOFER, Andy BLACK, Peter D. BLANKEN, Alessandro CESCATTI, CHEN Yang, Louis FRANCOIS, Damiano GIANELLE, Ivan A. JANSSENS, Martin JUNG, Tomomichi KATO, Gerard KIELY, LIU Dan, Barbara MARCOLLA, Leonardo MONTAGNANI, Antonio RASCHI, Olivier ROUPSARD, Andrej VARLAGIN, Georg WOHLFAHRT 2014
Arctic sea ice and atmospheric circulation under the GeoMIP G1 scenario John C. MOORE, Annette RINKE, YU Xiaoyong, JI Duoying, CUI Xuefeng, LI Yan, Kari Alterskjær, Jón Egill Kristjánsson, Helene MURI, Olivier BOUCHER, Nicolas HUNEEUS, Ben KRAVITZ, Alan ROBOCK, Ulrike NIEMEIER, Michael SCHULZ, Simone TILMES, Shingo WATANABE, YANG Shuting 2014
Using the Köppen classification to quantify climate variation and change: An example for 1901–2010 Deliang CHEN, Hans Weiteng CHEN 2013
Evaluation of global climate models in simulating extreme precipitation in China OU Tinghai, Deliang CHEN, Hans W. LINDERHOLM, Jee-Hoon JEONG 2013
Exploring risk attitude by a comparative experimental approach and its implication to disaster insurance practice in China YE Tao, WANG Ming 2013
How plausibility-based scenario practices are grappling with complexity to appreciate and address 21st century challenges Angela WILKINSON, Roland KUPERS, Diana MANGALAGIU 2013
Nanotechnology in the city: sustainability challenges and anticipatory governance Amim WIEK, David GUSTON, Sander VAN DER LEEUW, Cynthia SELIN, Philip SHAPIRA 2013
The impacts of climate change on the radial growth of Pinuskoraiensis along elevations of Changbai Mountain in northeastern China WANG Hui, SHAO Xuemei, JIANG Yuan, FANG Xiuqi, WU Shaohong 2013
The Return Period Analysis of Natural Disasters with Statistical Modeling of Bivariate Joint Probability Distribution LI Ning, LIU Xueqin, XIE Wei, WU Jidong, ZHANG Peng 2013
The public acceptance of new energy technologies Roger E. KASPERSON, Bonnie J. RAM 2013
Transformative targets in sustainability policy making: the case of the 30% EU mitigation goal David J. Tàbara, Diana MANGALAGIU, Roland KUPERS, Carlo JAEGER, Antoine MANDEL, Leonidas PAROUSSOS 2013
Economics as a global system science Carlo JAEGER, Diana MANGALAGIU, Antoine MANDEL 2013
Towards a hydrogen economy in Romania: Statistics, technical and scientific general aspects Ioan IORDACHE, Adrian V. GHEORGHE, Mihaela IORDACHE 2013
Ten prerequisites for a better understanding of the contemporary financial crisis Armin HAAS 2013
Projected Atlantic hurricane surge threat from rising temperatures Aslak GRINSTED, John C. MOORE, Svetlana JEVREJEVA 2013
Reexamining El Niño and cholera in Peru: A climate affairs approach Iván J. Ramírez, Sue C. GRADY, Michael H. GLANTZ 2013
Measurement Methods Affect the Observed Global Dimming and Brightening WANG Kaicun, Robert E. DICKINSON, Ma Qian, John A. AUGUSTINE, Martin WILD 2013
Are people willing to buy natural disaster insurance in China? Risk awareness, insurance acceptance, and willingness to pay WANG Ming, LIAO Chuan, YANG Saini, ZHAO Weiting, LIU Min, SHI Peijun 2012
Trends in the thermal growing season throughout the Tibetan Plateau during 1960-2009 DONG Manyu, JIANG Yuan, ZHENG Chutao, ZHANG Dayong 2012
An algorithm for separating soil and vegetation temperatures with sensors featuring a single thermal channel ZHAN Wenfeng, CHEN Yunhao, ZHOU Ji, LI Jing 2012