Several teachers participated in the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

The 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction was held successfully in Sendai, northeastern Japan, which lasted for five days (March 14 to 18, 2015), which takes places once every ten years. Prof. SHI Peijun, LI Ning, WANG Ming and FANG Weihua, Asso. Prof. XU Wei, YANG Saini and LIU Kai, and lecturer ZHANG Wenjuan, a total of 9 teachers from Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Managementattended this event.

187 UN members from all over the world, with 6500 official representatives (including 2800 government officials), and other 14300 people who participated in public forum attended the conference, the world’s biggest disaster risk reduction conference. The 3rd United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction included three main parts: the intergovernmental meeting (5 ministerial round table, 3 high-level dialogue between stakeholders some partners and the opening and closing ceremonies); multi- stakeholders meeting (36 working meeting, 4 days spark pulpit and 4 days visit, etc.); public forum (350 meetings, over 200 booths communication meeting, more than 200 poster exhibition conference, teens forum and celebrations of hyogo action, etc.).

Prof. SHI Peijun, scientific advisory committee member of UNISDR, attended the working conference on “Lessons gained from large-scale disasters” and gave the report.

The side event “Global disaster risk assessment and mapping”, jointly organized by Beijing Normal University and the technology advisory committee of UNISDR, was hosted by Prof. LI Ning and Prof. John Schneider (UNISDR – STAG/GEM). Academician QIN Dahe, Academician FAN Weideng, Academician CUI Peng, Prof. SHI Peijun, and Dr. Anselm Smolka from Munchener Ruckversicherung were invited at the side event. These experts discussed and communicated extensively on issues such as climate change and extreme disaster, disaster and social and public security, mountain disaster risk assessment, earthquake disaster risk model and global disaster risk assessment.

The side event “Integrated Disaster Risk Governance and the Role of the Government” was organized by the National Disaster Reduction Committee and Asia Pacific Office of UNISDR, undertaken by IHDP/Future Earth – IRG Project and NDRCC. This side event was hosted by Prof. YE Qian and Dr. Sujit Mohanty (UNISDR – AP). Dr. Angelika from the United Nations Development Programme, Dr. HU Junfeng from the Disaster Relief Department, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Prof. Norio Okada, the former director of the Disaster Prevention Department of the University of Kyoto, Prof. WANG Ming, and Asso. Prof. YANG Saini of Beijing Normal University, Prof. Akay of the Turkish Government Department, Prof. Gajendra of Newcastle University in Australia, Dr. YU Fujiang from Department of science and technology, State Oceanic Administration, Prof. YANG Fang, director of office of the United Nations Development Programme in China, and other professors were invited as well. These experts talked thoroughly about integrated risk governance and how can government play effectively from different angles.

In this grand meeting of global disaster reduction, we also hold a brief publishing ceremony of the book “World Atlas of Natural Disaster Risks” (Prof. SHI Peijun and Prof. Roger Kasperson as editor-in chief, Prof. WANG Jingai, Asso. Prof. XU Wei and YE Tao as deputy edit-in-chief). Margareta Wahlstrom from UNISDR and academician QIN Dahe wrote a foreword for the atlas and gave full affirmation and high praise. The Atlas was recommended by the UNISDR as an important scientific and technological achievement of the conference. During the conference, the electronic edition of this Atlas had a large number of downloads, which gained wide attention from all over the world.