World Atlas of Natural Disaster Risks

World Atlas of Natural Disaster Risk is one of the major publications of the IHDP / Future Earth – Integrated Risk Governance Project Series. The Atlas, which is co-edited by Professor Peijun Shi at Beijing Normal University of China and Roger Kasperson at Clark University of USA, is jointly published by Springer Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg and Beijing Normal University Press in 2015.

The Atlas is the first English-language atlas to systematically introduce the environment, hazard, vulnerability and risk mapping for 11 natural disasters, i.e. earthquake, volcano, landslide, flood, storm surge, sand-dust storm, tropical cyclone, heat wave, cold wave, drought and wildfire, and risk mapping for multi-hazard disaster in the world.

The above 11 hazards are assessed and mapped at grid unit, comparable-geographic unit and national unit. The multi-hazard risk of the above 11 hazards is also assessed and mapped at grid unit and national unit innovatively with the Total Risk Index and Multi-hazard Risk Index at grid unit and national unit. The expected annual mortality and/or affected population risks and expected annual economic loss and/or affected property risk of 11 hazards and multi-hazard of the world at national level are unprecedentedly derived and ranked.

The Atlas has 317 maps in total, including the Political Map of the World, Global Satellite Image, 16 maps for Environments and Exposures, 286 maps for the risks of 11 types of hazards (15 maps for earthquake, 18 maps for volcano, 6 maps for landslide, 46 maps for flood, 6 maps for storm surge, 51 maps for sand-dust storm, 17 maps for tropical cyclone, 26 maps for heat wave, 23 maps for cold wave, 60 maps for drought, and 17 maps for wildfire) and 13 maps for multi-hazard risk.

The eBook (ISBN 978-3-662-45430-5, DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-45430-5) can be downloaded freely at from March 13 to March 19, 2015.


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