Prof. WANG Ming


Prof. Wang is an appointed expert of the Expert Committee of National Disaster Reduction Commission of China. He is a research fellow at the National Disaster Reduction Center of China, the vice Secretary-General of the Insurance Institute of China, the vice chair of the risk assessment working committee of China Association of Public Safety. He also serves as the vice dean of the graduate school of BNU.


Prof. Wang’s research interest is on disaster prevention and mitigation engineering, risk modeling and integrated risk management. He has completed over 10 national and ministerial research projects, and published more than 60 scientific papers.

Prof. Wang’s recent research topics include, for example, engineering retrofitting technology for rural structures with collaboration of UK and Nepal; risk analysis of critical infrastructure system under climate extremes; landslides and restoration of earthquake stricken areas with focus of Wenchuan earthquake; disaster insurance study from perspectives of perception and risk management modes.