Prof. YE Qian Participated in the 5th International Workshop on Future Earth in Asia

On 23-24 January 2017, Future Earth Tokyo Hub, the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia and Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) hosted the 5th International Workshop on Future Earth in Asia. Bringing together a number of Future Earth communities in Asia, including representatives from Global Research Projects, RIHN, and Future Earth-related groups, the workshop aims to contribute to strategic directions for Future Earth research in Asia and provide advices for the Regional Advisory Committee.

As the executive director of IRG Project, a core project of Future Earth, Prof. YE Qian was invited to introduce the background, history, achievements and science plan of IRGP. Commissioned by Prof. SHI Peijun, the co-chair of IRG Project, Prof. YE Qian particularly gave a speech on the implementation plan of Knowledge-Action Networks (KAN) related to disaster risk under Future Earth’s framework.

Prof. YE Qian discussed extensively with the representatives from other Future Earth core projects and received international support for building global Future Earth Security KAN (tentatively named). Prof. YE Qian also talked with Prof. Kasuga, the director of Future Earth Tokyo Hub, Ms. Surveyer, the liaison officer of Future Earth Montreal Hub, Prof. Mallee, the director of the Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia and Prof. Yasunari, the director-general of RIHN on the joint actions of Future Earth KAN in Asia. They appreciated that China is willing to set up the secretariat for Future Earth Security KAN and would like to provide support.