The Work Report of IRGP to National Natural Science Foundation of China

On February 14, 2017, as the co-chaired unit of ICSU-Future Earth-Integrated Risk Governance Project, Beijing Normal University reported the progress of IRGP to YANG Wei, the president of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), LIU Congqiang, the vice president of NSFC, FENG Feng, the director of Bureau of International Cooperation, CHAI Yucheng, the executive deputy director of Department of Earth Science, NSFC.

Prof. SHI Peijun, the co-chair of IRGP, introduced the background, history, achievements of phase 1, plans of phase 2, challenges and opportunities of IRGP and put forward the needs for future development to NSFC. The co-chair of IRGP Prof. Carlo Jaeger introduced the current front issues on international risk reduction research, such as systemic risk, complexity of the socio-economic system, dynamic structure of multi-layer system and raised the issue of coastal risk prevention combined with the national strategy “the Belt and Road Initiative”. Prof. YE Qian, the executive director of IRGP, made additional remarks and Prof. YANG Saini, the director of China office of IRGP participated in this work report.

NSFC positively responded to the reports of co-chair Prof. SHI Peijun and Prof. Carlo Jaeger. President YANG Wei spoke highly of the past achievements of IRGP and emphasized that the government is giving increasing importance to international cooperation. It is a good opportunity to strengthen international science program and accelerate development for our country. A series of feasible plans were brought up by President YANG Wei on how to promote the international cooperation of IRGP.

image 002IRGP called a meeting immediately after the report to implement the suggestions from NSFC about how to develop the unilateral and changeable international cooperation and apply for NSFC major program of international cooperation. The specific scheme was made for the establishment of research center with related international organization and the application of major international cooperation program. Meanwhile, this meeting made specific arrangements upon the important work of IRGP in 2017 and the cooperation between IRGP and IRGC, etc.